Who We Are

Delovery aims to demonstrate how a non-profit can be of equitable profit for everyone.
Our mission is to revitalize our local economies, businesses, and communities through a marketplace and delivery service with fair practices.

Our Values

Compelled by the love that's within all human beings...

Compassion. Bring together the community to optimize movement and minimize risk.
Fulfillment. Create an environment that improves the lives we touch.
Fairness. Operate with a focus on stakeholders rather than stockholders.

Global effort

Our Team
Propelled by the current epidemic, Delovery's global team has stepped up to take action, compelled to harness our expertise, and focus on a cause greater than each of us. Spanning nearly every timezone and skillset, our team operates with an "action > talk" attitude.

How we started

Gabriel Cornejo - Founder and CEO

"We who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak and not to please ourselves." Guided by this principle, Gabriel felt it essential that he utilize his greatest strength to bring ideas to reality and inspire others to act on significant complex issues.

Gabriel has a history of taking action when action is needed. In 2017 he helped form the Latino Engagement Team (L.E.T) for the American Red Cross. His journey with Hurricane Harvey crisis (seen here) has shaped this effort taking the "We'll make it work" rally cry and keeping it at the core of Delovery COVID-19 response.

Join the effort, experience fulfillment of helping others.

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